Steam Boiler Installation

Specializing in Hot Water &Steam Boilers


Our team at Pws Boiler Services has decades of experience working with older buildings in Los Angeles, California and the hot water/steam boilers that are used to heat them. That’s why owners of older homes and light commercial facilities in the area trust us to service and install their steam boilers.

What’s Inside a Steam Boiler?

A steam boiler is a heating system comprising a boiler to create steam, a network of pipes to distribute the steam and radiators that receive and contain the steam to heat various rooms. A gas or oil burner is the mechanism used to heat water to the boiling point to create the steam for distribution throughout the system. A modern steam boiler circulates water around a heat source through a series of passages or tubes. Boiler operation is regulated by a pressure gauge, regulator, pressure-relief valve and low-water cutoff monitor. Most steam boilers include an automatic feed that supplies more water as it is needed.

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